In this executive profile piece, NEWPORT SVP April Stammel shares a bit about what led her to NEWPORT and this project and why she feels South Downtown is destined to be one of the greatest neighborhoods in the city.


The revitalization of South Downtown’s historic 222 Mitchell Street has new momentum. Newport is releasing details today of its plan to move forward with the $100 million project, the centerpiece of its sweeping South Downtown redevelopment.


South Downtown has been close to seeing major investment and revitalization in the past decades, but it seems NEWPORT’s Olaf Kunkat may be the secret to it finally helping the neighborhood reach its potential. 


NEWPORT acquired a building complex on Billhorner Deich 94-96. The investment comprises a 12,000 sqm-sized commercial complex in Rothenburgsort which includes three separate buildings. The latter will be restructured and mordernized within the next 24 months.



NEWPORT led a media tour to local Atlanta news outlets for a behind the scenes look at our buildings before renovations to Historic Hotel Row begins.


NEWPORT launched Pop Up Row to give a glimpse into the future of Mitchell street for the redevelopment of South Downtown Atlanta. Eight local businesses bring new offerings to the neighborhood and are open through August 2019.

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In Winterthur, the simultaneous demolition of the old structure and construction of the new building commenced in October. This project was 100% pre-leased prior to the start of construction.


The construction of our unique project in Lucerne coincides with our project in Winterthur. We have successfully completed the demolition phase and are now beginning construction.